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“The Mythology And Magic of Hollywood”

A Critic Looks at Hollywood From the Inside Out

This presentation explores how Hollywood has affected our culture. Not only was Ronald Reagan twice elected President of the United States but now Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor of California. Paul Newman has invaded our supermarket shelves and Robert Redford’s Institute for Resource Management has negotiated oil and gas leases in the Bering Straits.

From the beginning, Hollywood was the reaffirmation of the Horatio Alger rags-to-riches story. Movie stars were America’s royalty…until “investigative journalism” revealed their real, private lives. And matinee idols chose to be ordinary people, rather than icons. Movies have become the trendsetters of our era. Once an idealized society, we have lost our innocence and that is reflected in the violence of today’s entertainment.

What is it about movies and their myths that fascinate us so? How and when did make-believe become reality? It takes a real “insider” to answer these questions. Someone who knows movie-industry people and their motivations. Someone who has been there. Someone like Susan Granger.

“Don’t Take It Personally”

Conquering Criticism….
And Other Survival Skills

In this dynamic session, participants will explore techniques that take the personal out of criticism and transform it into an objective, positive and productive communication tool for improving performance.

“Speak Up”

Presentation Skills That Win

In this workshop, participants will learn the art of turning everyday presentations into dynamic, convincing ones! Each person will develop his or her own style, capitalizing on existing strengths and minimizing weaknesses.

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