Whether you’re a film fanatic or just a casual movie-goer, the Internet offers more information than you can use. So here are some of my favorite websites, either for research or simply browsing. The Internet Movie Database ( is the single largest on-line storehouse of information and is available in English, German, Italian, and Spanish.¬† If you’re interested in knowing what pictures are in the pipeline for the future, try Coming Attractions ( If you’re into gossip and TinselTown news, log onto E! On-line ( Or if you want to post your own movie reviews – and get paid for them – click onto the movie section of – and indicate you were referred by SusanGranger (no space between the first and last names).

For movie posters, you can click onto Movie Poster Warehouse ( or Rick’s Movie Graphics ( If you’re into entertainment stocks and the biz, the movie industry trade papers are Variety ( and The Hollywood Reporter ( And if you want to buy videos on line, I recommend¬† Blockbuster (, DVD Express ( or Movies Unlimited (…for that, simply click on the logo below. Just for fun, there’s Movie Bloopers On-line ( and The Big List of Movie Mistakes ( Smooth surfing!

If you’re a theater buff, check out, which specializes in Broadway productions made for television. You can get some prized videocassettes including Swoozie Kurtz and Geraldine Fitzgerald in Eugene O’Neill’s “Ah, Wilderness,” James Earl Jones and Raul Julia in “King Lear,” Irene Worth in Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days,” and many more.

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