Recent Accolades for Susan Granger’s HOLLYWOOD: YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW:

“The Y’s Women had the pleasure of hearing Susan Granger on 9/25/17 – and it was outstanding. Feedback from some of the 150 members was A+ all around. Granger has a depth of knowledge that most critics and other speakers in the field lack, as she was brought up in the industry. She feels comfortable before all-size audiences and is confident in the content and delivery of her information. As such, the audience came away more knowledgeable than before whilst being amused by her touches of humor. We applaud her for her time and attention to detail as well!”

Barbara Stephen, VP Programs, Y’s Women of Westport

“Susan combines excellent speaking ability, a keen wit, and inside knowledge of the film industry. Anybody who is interested in movies will be fascinated by her presentation. She is one of a handful of speakers whom we have invited to return.”

Scott Hutchason, President: Darien Men’s Association

“Our audience loved your behind-the-scenes Hollywood stories (the Oscar mix-up), and several business guys said they enjoyed learning about the business side of the movies. You were right on target with the statistics which were their cup of tea. Everyone enjoyed hearing your lively and engaging experiences and opinions, especially your take on film directors and different show biz personalities. I recommend her highly without reservation.”

Hollister Sturges, Program Committee Chairman: Greenwich Retired Men’s Association

“Susan Granger has lived a fascinating life and knows her stuff! She is a delightful speaker, full of fascinating insight and rare wisdom about all things Hollywood. Our audience hung on to her every word.”

Tom Holehan, Director: Public Resources & Adult Programming, Stratford Library

“Susan kept us mesmerized! Her talk included the ‘old’ & ‘new’ Hollywood. Growing up in the business, Susan had many interesting stories, and she did a wonderful job explaining how the movie industry has evolved becoming dominant in the Asian markets. I would highly recommend Susan’s talk and look forward to hearing her again.”

Mike Rappa, Trumbull Rotary Club

“Susan’s presentations are always informative, fun and peppered with personal anecdotes, making them a ‘don’t miss it’ event. If you get the opportunity to hear Susan, don’t miss it!”

Bob Galan, Westport CT Sunrise Rotary


Horizons Town Talk Saginaw, Michigan

Susan was excellent! Everybody loved her! She was articulate, intelligent and knew her subject matter forward and backward. She is very friendly, walking through the crowd before her presentation, and afterward. She was a big hit at the sponsor dinner the night before as well.

Donn Cramton

Northeast Florida Library Information Network

“Your talk on the ‘Mythology and Magic of Hollywood’ received the highest rating possible and was the highlight of the day. I would gladly serve as a reference if you are approached by other groups that would like you to give this presentation.”

Bradley R. Ward
Executive Director
Jacksonville, Florida

West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce

“Susan Granger was the keynote speaker for the Lafayette – West Lafayette Chamber of Commerce. Annual Dinner Meeting. Susan was entertaining and engaging throughout the evening as she interacted with guests and delivered her speech. She was willing to work with all of our special requests. We found her to be prompt, professional and personable.”

E. Dana Smith, President Stephanie Hainje,
Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Major Events Lafayette –
West Lafayette, Indiana

Purt Huron Town Hall, Fort Gratiot, MI

“Great performance! You provided insight into a world people are always interested in hearing more about. The fact that you were born into a film family, surrounded by so many movie ‘greats,’ made the information you shared so much more meaningful. And everyone thoroughly enjoyed the added visual presentation of your personal slides.”

Julie Simpson, Presentation Chairman

Pensacola Symphony Guild

“Susan Granger has exceptional talent as a speaker. Her program was a huge success. She knows her subject thoroughly. The audience was completely captivated by her delightful and easy style. Susan has intelligence combined with great charm and a winning way to which her audience warmly responded.
The program merited an excellent rating because the audience was immensely entertained and enlightened. We could not have been more rewarded and satisfied. No one could go wrong engaging Susan Granger!”

Jane Pyron, Chairman

ESU Program Co-Chair, Pinehurst, North Carolina

“Susan Granger made a marvelous presentation at a black-tie dinner for about 200 members of the English Speaking Union (ESU) at the Country Club of North Carolina in Pinehurst.

Mingling beforehand, she was able to provide information about individual personal Hollywood favorites which got everyone in the mood for exciting news of “inside Hollywood.”

Her talk provided wonderful anecdotes bringing famous and familiar names to life as she chose celebrities known to this age group of mostly retired professionals – holding their rapt attention for 45 minutes (no slight accomplishment).

Susan captivated her audience, I believe, for three particular reasons:
– From her extensive wealth of Hollywood knowledge, she chose what was appealing to the age and interests of the group.
– She delivered her material wonderfully well – and looked the part as well.
– Her material contained real substance and the application of Hollywood details to our ideas of heroes, behavior and standards.

Hollywood is of interest to everyone and Susan’s talk was informative, substantive – and entertaining. She provided one of the best presentations in our series.”

Thomas L. Greenwood

St. John’s Dinner Club, Jacksonville, Florida

“What an evening! You were just sensational with your anecdotes and stories about growing up in Hollywood. And the slides you brought – from sitting on Wallace Beery’s knee at age 3, clear up through Red Skelton – highly amused all of us. Even the year I was president of this club (1998-99), the entertainment I lined up could not top you – and that’s a REAL compliment.”

Clyde Jenni Former President,

President, St. John’s Dinner Club, Jacksonville, Florida

“Susan Granger captivated us during her interesting presentation. I’m sure you could have heard the slightest sound from those present. There was absolute silence until we all broke into very loud applause at the conclusion. I even asked her to go over the time-limit since our members didn’t want her to leave after her presentation. Many lingered to talk with her and ask questions. Her subject matter seemed of great interest to everyone, even the crusty old men!”

Gordon Robbie

Town Hall Lecture Series of Morris, New Jersey

“Thank you very much for the wonderful presentation at the Town Hall of Morris Lecture Series. Your educational program was delivered with just the right amount of humor. It was a pleasant way to learn how Hollywood and the world of the reviewer works.. Our audience of 600 not only enjoyed your lecture but were very impressed that you took the time to walk around the room and speak to them personally. This had never happened before, and it was much appreciated. Again, thank you for your professionalism and a great program.”

Irene C. Mahr, Program Director

Fargo Town Hall

Mrs. Granger was a very pleasant, accommodating guest speaker. She has a wealth of information on her topic (Hollywood personalities, movies, trends in entertainment, etc.) and presents it well. She is able to adjust to the content of her talk to the age and interests of her audience and ad libs well in answering questions.

Our Fargo Town Hall Board is pleased to recommend her.

Joy Ohnstad
Town Hall Representative
Fargo, North Dakota”


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you – your visit to Omaha was a delight for all of us. Since your lecture, I have heard nothing but raves about you – comments well deserved. You were a special treat for the Town Hall members and me.

Teri Teutsch, President


On behalf of Omaha Town Hall may I thank you for putting Omaha on your speaking schedule. I heard many favorable comments from subscribers, however, my favorite was from my husband, Tom, as we drove away from your hotel after the Monday dinner. He said, “What a gracious lady!”  And that summed up your visit. Thank you for coming and for speaking to us.

Jenifer Pansing, Board Coordinator

Battle Creek Town Hall

“When Susan Granger appeared before the Battle Creek Town Hall patrons, she held the audience attention for one solid hour – and graciously responded to TV and radio interviews as well as news reporters. Following her lecture, she shared a luncheon with 200 guests followed by a Q&A. Before all the guests sat down for lunch, Susan walked from table to table, saying ‘hello’ and making everyone feel totally at ease. The comments were very favorable. Some patrons thought she was the best we had had in a long time. I can truly say she was a delight. I would recommend Susan Granger as a fine, gifted speaker, one who is knowledgeable, affable and attentive to all who come in contact with her.”

Margaret E. Smith, Program Chairman

“We all loved Susan Granger’s lecture and couldn’t believe an hour had gone by. I can’t tell you how much the Board appreciated her affability and accessibility. She gave a marvelous finish to our Town Hall series.”

Mary Lynn Buresh

Pinehurst, North Carolina

“The Pinehurst Forum was most fortunate to have as our speaker, Susan  Granger. Rarely have we witnessed such a polished speaker, whose grace, sense of humor, and command of her subject delighted the audience. Perhaps, even more importantly, everyone found Susan to be a refreshingly pleasant and warm individual. In the future, the Pinehurst Forum will look forward to an encore performance.”

R.D. Chapman, Jr.
President, Pinehurst Forum

Brookstreet Securities Corporation

“Our idea of having a ‘ladies luncheon’ with an interesting speaker was very  well received! Since we have participants from all across the country, your  entertaining stories of Hollywood were most appreciated. Thank you also for staying after for their questions – which gave us further insight into ‘America’s royalty.'”

Gini M. Brooks
Director of Member Services
Irvine, California

The Margaret Waterman Alumnae Group

“Town Hall audiences have changed over the years. Subscribers today expect to be informed and challenged as well as entertained. Often when a  speaker is billed as a Hollywood personality, warning signals are sounded. “I don’t want to sit through a morning filled with gossip or hear about the many  loves of the stars,” is typical of the comments one hears.

How refreshing it was then to welcome Susan Granger who used her strong ties to Hollywood to pique interest, clarify misconceptions, and bring into focus the relationship of movie history to present trends and influences.

From the moment we met Ms. Granger at the airport, we were impressed by her natural warmth and intelligence. She asked many questions about the makeup of the Town Hall audience and about the locale, so that she could tailor her talk to fit the group.

Speaking from personal and family experiences, she provided little-known information about movie legends and contemporary stars. She provoked interest in rating systems, and she covered the controversy surrounding the use of excessive violence and explicit sex in films today. Her talk was masterful, combining humor, factual data, and inside stories. Our audience of men and women ranging in age from young adult to retirees enthusiastically praised the presentation.

We highly recommend Susan Granger. Her appeal is universal and not limited to any specific ethnic, gender, age or religious group. She was a perfect lead-off speaker who set the tone for a most successful season.

Kathryn Trim, Town Hall Chairman – October, 1999
The University of Michigan
Town Hall Celebrity Series

The Junior League of Reading, Pennsylvania, Inc.

“As our second lecturer of our Town Hall Series, Susan Granger was – without doubt – a huge success. She thoroughly entertained our two audiences (1100-1200 people at each) to the point of having to cut off questions to conclude each lecture. Susan’s objectives were totally presented with her life history in the motion picture business and her work as a movie critic. She gave very interesting as well as intriguing information on Hollywood stars – past and present – and their private lives and her interaction with them. Her warm and friendly personality was evident to the audiences, especially those who flocked to the tape-selling table to meet her and purchase her “Don’t Take It Personally” Criticism tape. Many people were interested in hearing more from Susan and were taken by her charm. In our short association, Susan became my friend.”

Jennifer R. Noll, Town Hall Chairman

Clio Club

“I am still receiving calls from our members expressing how much they enjoyed your speech. Many of them stated you were the best speaker our club ever heard. One member said that before your talk, she had decided she would terminate her club membership. However, after hearing you, she will not resign for she wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to hear speakers of your caliber. Even the reporter sent to cover your speech for the local newspaper said he found your talk so fascinating that he would like to join our organization. I am really impressed with your stage presence. From the moment you began speaking until the end of the question-and-answer period, you had the audience responding to you. They really didn’t want you to end your speech. It was just so interesting. As a child who grew up in Hollywood, and as a member of a family whose business is the film business, you certainly are qualified to speak on your topic. You gave us so much information about Hollywood which influences our lives. You also gave us pertinent advice on what we can do if we become dissatisfied with the movies Hollywood produces. Program chairmen are always happy when the members are enthusiastic about a program. You certainly made me happy – thank you.


Ann T. Williams, Program Chairman

Fort Worth Lecture Foundation, Inc.

“Susan was a tremendous hit at the Fort Worth Lecture Foundation, Inc. We were fortunate to end our lecture season this spring on such an entertaining and happy note. I must say she were definitely the most friendly and approachable speaker we’ve had – and having her here was a pleasure for all of us.

Linda Shropshire, program chairman”

Fox Chapel Town Hall, an outreach of Fox Chapel Episcopal Church

“I am pleased, indeed, very pleased, to recommend Susan Granger and her lecture program to any audience which likes to be entertained. Our Fox Chapel Town Hall was very enthusiastic about her appearance. Charmingly and thoughtfully, she brought in aspects of her Pittsburgh personal connections. Many commented on her taking the time and making the effort to go from table to table to table at lunch to greet our patrons. She was not only delightful but approachable as well. We wish her many similar successes in future engagements. If any potential sponsor would like to call or write to me, my telephone number is 412-784-1066 and fax is 412-784-0305.”

Becky-Lee O’Connor

A.M. Lecture Series, Sacramento, California

“Walnut Creek is the first of three venues to present my A.M. Morning Lecture Series. On that first morning, I am always nervous. Is the speaker really good? Will the audience enjoy the program? “Wonderful.” “Wonderful.” “Wonderful.” So spoke the first three members exiting the theatre after Susan Granger’s program. And how quickly the nerves subsided! I highly recommend Susan Granger’s well-received program. She was, indeed, wonderful – in Walnut Creek, in Oroville, and in Sacramento!”

Wilma Lewis, chairman

The Woman’s Club of New Britain, CT

” The Woman’s Club of New Britain was privileged to have Susan Granger as our guest speaker”. As past president, I have attended many meetings and booked various programs. Susan Granger’s program rated a “10” on a scale of 1-10! Her presentation was very professional, combining a directed view of Hollywood motion pictures and its effect in our society. The member comments at the conclusion were all very positive. Ms. Granger is an attractive, intelligent, charming person whose personality makes her audience feel very comfortable. Her topic was of interest and I feel it would be well received by any audience (both male and female). She speaks with an air of confidence and competence that makes the listener pay attention. I would most highly recommend her as a speaker. Any audience at one of her programs will be in for a treat!

Melanie I. McCue, Past President,

Chemical Manufacturers Association

The responses I received after your presentation were all great. As I’m sure you can imagine, it is difficult to come up with programs at this level. I am always trying to find something that is educational but not condescending….that has not been done before. I received many comments about the history of Hollywood and how it affects our daily lives, rather than just the gossip in town!

Edie Flemming

National Cattlemen’s Association

Your presentation was sensational….and perfectly tailored for this audience. I truly appreciate you researching our industry to find a common bond between Hollywood and the cattle industry. I never would have thought this would be possible. your presentation produced more audience participation than I have ever seen in the past. As a meeting planner, my success depends on your success–and you made me shine!

Amy Guitierrez

Younger Woman’s Club of Wheeling

The warmth of your personality is communicated to the listeners and somehow you make it seem as if you are speaking to each individual. The information and tantalizing tidbits of Hollywood trivia, as well as your in-depth knowledge of movie fact and fiction, kept us attentive, shocked, amused,and delighted. We hope to have you back in the future.

Janet Ames

The Manor Club

Your program was entertaining, zippy, and informative. Everyone was captivated with your personality. We would truly recommend that any group that desires a program that entertains,’ across the board’ to run, not walk, to their telephones…

Pat Bass

Franklin & Mohr Communications

I would of thought it impossible for psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists to have been so incredibly transformed! Bring you in was an unqualified success…and best of all, I’m a hero for having suggested it.

J.F., President

McKamy & Partners, Inc.

Like most doctors, plastic surgeons are ego driven and frequently quite resentful of anyone who attempts to improve their communication skills. Your knowledge of medical terminology and concepts…helped greatly in the personal presentations for our seminars.

K.M., President

Corpus Christi Town Hall

“Susan Granger is a Star! Our group so enjoyed her program on Hollywood. We are looking forward to hearing her “Don’t Take It Personally” soon. Susan has a personality that won’t quit. She’s vibrant, entertaining, and warm. We all felt as though we had known her forever. Everyone loved hearing about the stars of today and yesterday and tomorrow, as well as the behind-the-scenes mini-dramas.”

Jackie Connolly, President,